Disabled Students' Allowance

Student Support

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) provide extra financial help for students on Higher Education courses who have a disability, ongoing health condition, mental health condition or Specific Learning Difficulty such as dyslexia.

If you have any of the above, you are entitled to a DSA needs assessment whilst studying at university or college. This assessment is fully funded by the Government and can grant you non-medical support and assistive software to help you with the demands of a Higher Education course.

If you feel you may be eligible or have been recommended for DSA,  the application process is very simple, and something our Student Support team at ICTheatre are happy to help you through:


  • Fill in the application form


  • Find out if you qualify


  • Attend a needs assessment


  • Receive your needs report


  •  Find out what the DSAs can pay for


  • Receive your support


If you’re unsure of your eligibility, contact our student support team at  studentsupport@ictheatre.ac.uk

Find out more information at Brighton Central Assessment Centre or call them on 01823 273060





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