Upcoming Productions at ICTheatre and Northern Ballet School

28 February, 2024

It’s almost that time again! Our students at our Manchester, Brighton, and Northern Ballet School campuses will soon be bringing you their final productions. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

A night out in Brighton!

Our Brighton campus Contemporary Musical Theatre students will be taking on The Addams Family, a musical comedy about everyone’s favourite spooky family, in which Wednesday decides to introduce her frankly normal boyfriend to his kooky inlaws with hilarious results. They’ll also be performing Head Over Heels, A jukebox musical featuring the songs of The Go-Go’s. Head Over Heels is the story of what happens when the royal court of Arcadia is threatened by the mystical Oracle of Delphi with the loss of its “Beat,” the divine power that ensures the kingdom’s prosperity.

Brighton’s Acting for 21st Century students will be tackling Either, a funny, smart and sexy play that probes contemporary ideas about sexuality, gender and the need to connect before we die, and Growth, A comedy about growing up and manning up – Tobes is young, free and having a ball… off. He’s successfully ignored his lump for two years but it’s starting to get in the way – cramping his style and, worse, affecting his sex life.

Show Dates for ICTheatre Brighton:

Growth:  7th – 9th March

The Addams Family: 7th – 9th March

Either: 21st – 23rd March

Head Over Heels: 21st 23rd March

Tickets for Brighton Shows are available here: ICTheatre Brighton Tickets

a blindfolded man stand next to a lauging woman

Don’t miss our Manchester shows!

Our Contemporary Musical Theatre students are taking us back to 1968 in Made in Dagenham, the story of Rita O’Grady leading her friends in a battle against the might of Ford and the corruption of the Union supposed to protect them.

Our Hip Hop Artistry pathway students will be  taking you on a dystopian futuristic retelling of Shakespeare classic Macbeth, while our Acting for 21st Century students will be telling the stories of Yerma, A young woman, who is tormented by the social stigma of being in a childless marriage, and Red Noses, depicting a sprightly priest who travelled around the plague-affected villages of 14th century France with a band of fools, known as Floties, offering holy assistance.

Show Dates for ICTheatre Manchester:

Made in Dagenham: 20th – 22nd March

Macbeth: 12th – 13th April

Yerma: 18th – 19th April

Red Noses: 19th – 20th April

Tickets for Manchester shows are available here: ICTheatre Manchester Tickets

Northern Ballet School student jumping

Northern Ballet School: Spring 2024

An exciting triple bill of Esmeralda, Elegy, and Don’t Stop Me Now, performed by the students of Northern Ballet School.

Show Dates for Northern Ballet School:

7th – 8th March

Tickets for NBS shows are available here: NBS Manchester Tickets

We can’t wait to see you there!

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