Audition advice

In-line with the ICTheatre ethos, our audition process is completely FREE.

ICTheatre Training Professionals have a sense of why they want to be a performer; they have commitment, flexibility, passion, dedication, curiosity, discipline, courage, and imagination.

Our audition days are rigorous but also lots of fun. You will take part in workshops specific to your chosen course. For degree students, you will need to prepare some pieces in advance.

Check our audition advice for each pathway below:

Acting For the 21st century audition guidelines (PDF)

Contemporary Musical Theatre Audition Guidelines (PDF)


Contemporary Musical Theatre audition guidelines (PDF)


  • Check you’ve had confirmation of your audition booking via, this will include your audition guidelines.
  • Read thes audition guidelines thoroughly. This will ensure you’re as well-prepared as possible.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. This is your time to shine, so make sure you’re prepared and can perform without lyrics or lead sheets.
  • Bring your sheet music with you if you are performing songs.
  • Please complete the digital application form and send in a headshot prior to your audition.
  • Treat your audition as a performance. There may not be much of an audience but treat it as though there is.


  • Fail to thoroughly read the audition guidelines that have been sent to you!
  • Leave preparation for your audition until the last minute, or decide you’re going to wing it.
  • Sing in a key that doesn’t sit well within your vocal range, please bring your sheet music transposed in to the right key for you.
  • Forget to bring the appropriate and required clothing for your audition. We also recommend bringing some water and food as well.
  • Be late, try to arrive in plenty of time. It’s worth double checking you have the right location and check out travel times.
  • Forget to enjoy yourself.

Ready to join the movement?

If you’ve already applied to ICTheatre, or you’re just assessing your options, it’s still possible to book your audition. You can even audition before you apply to ICTheatre. In fact, auditioning early is advised as it’s your chance to find out more about our courses.

Give our enquiries team a call on 01273 840 346 or see our upcoming dates here to book your slot.

Good luck! We know you’ll give it your all, so come and show us what you’ve got.


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