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The industry is constantly evolving. For performers to be successful they need to be flexible and resilient, able to adapt to embrace creative opportunities as they arise. Our aim is to prepare our training professionals to meet the demands of the creative industries in the 21st century, giving them all the tools they need to thrive.

Our contemporary performing arts courses enrich the student experience by offering high-quality, rigorous training, complemented by a range of extracurricular masterclasses and opportunities to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills. We celebrate the individual, and each student will forge a pathway into the creative industries that is completely unique to them. That’s the ICTheatre difference.

Train the next generation of creative talent
Are you an innovative, visionary, dynamic practitioner or academic who’s passionate about changing the future of the creative industries?
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ICTheatre Training

Our BA (Hons) Performing Arts consists of three pathways:

We also offer an Extended Diploma in Performing Arts.

Each route is responsive and relevant to industry needs, providing innovative, in-depth training developed in collaboration with education and industry professionals.

All training is embedded with additional practices in mindfulness, wellbeing, and resilience, giving our training professionals the confidence to explore their unique self-expression and identity as an emerging creative performer. Our graduates are entrepreneurial, innovative, and independent, equipped with the skills to not just get work, but to make it.

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Pioneering the future of performing arts

Our highly skilled faculty are a diverse mix of professional Dancers, Singers, Actors, Choreographers and Producers, and we’re proud to work with such an exceptional group of people. Many still work professionally within the industry and bring insight and connections which are invaluable to their students.

We’re committed to changing the future of the creative industries, and everyone on our team is passionate about developing tomorrow’s performers to be eclectic, well-rounded, diverse contributors to their craft.

ICTheatre Recruitment Events

ICTheatre Brighton

July 12th @ 12noon – In College Event

Interested in joining our Brighton team?  Join us at our central campus to meet some of the team including our College Principal Thomasina Unsworth and Pathway Leaders where you will be introduced to our courses, pathways and the ethos of our college.

** Please note we are only looking for staff and faculty members within a commutable area **

ICTheatre Manchester

July 20th @ 12noon – In College Event

Interested in joining our Manchester team? Join us at the Dancehouse to meet our College Principal Paul Ryder and other members of our team as we introduce you to our courses, pathways and the ethos of our college.

** Please note we are only looking for staff and faculty members within a commutable area**


Want to join the ICTheatre Team?

Whether you’re looking to be part of our core academic faculty, production team, student support department, or have something to bring to our pathways, we would love to hear from you.

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