Graduate Success

In 2020, our first ever Graduates left ICTheatre to join the ‘real world’, and we have watched as they’ve flourished into their careers. Some have launched theatre companies, or founded brands and businesses, while others have landed their first roles in theatre, commercials and feature films.

Graduating into a pandemic was not expected for our 2020/2021 training professionals. Instead of seeing it as a barrier, ICTheatre students have taken what was learnt about entrepreneurship throughout their training and pushed forwards with their careers, despite the challenging times we faced.

ICTheatre focuses on training each student as an individual, meaning they can strive towards their career goals, whatever they may be. While the degree is streamed into three areas of the performing arts – Contemporary Musical Theatre, Acting for the 21st Century and Hip Hop Artistry – our students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of career paths. This includes stand up comedy, stage combat and social media content creation. These opportunities, partnered with ICTheatre’s focus on creating business-minded individuals, mean that our Graduates have been able to step out into the industry and find their way forwards – no matter the environment or barriers placed before them.

Read on to discover some of our Graduate success stories, and celebrate the work being created by our up and coming industry professionals.


Northern Ballet School Graduate Appears in BBC Documentary ‘Moulin Rouge: Yes We Can-Can!’

Northern Ballet School graduate, Erin Blanchfield, has appeared in a BBC documentary series following her story…

Catch our ICTheatre Graduates in shows across the UK this Christmas

Our wonderful ICTheatre Graduates can be found starring in many shows across the UK this Christmas!…

Graduate success: Connie Edgington in short film role

Congratulations to ICTheatre Graduate Connie for her role in short film 'Who Cares?'. Connie is working…

Graduate success: Yiota performing in Saturday Night Fever the musical

Congratulations to Northern Ballet School alumni Yiota Theor who is currently performing in Saturday Night Fever…

Graduate success: Sammie Bailey lead acting roles

Congratulations to ICTheatre Graduate Sammie for her continuous work as an actor since Graduating.  After recently…

Graduate success: Jaydan performing with Princess Cruises

Congratulations to Northern Ballet School alumni Jaydan who has been rehearsing in LA  ready to join…

Graduate success: Eline Jacobsen directing her own musical

Congratulations to ICTheatre Graduate Eline Jacobsen who has not only been working professionally in Norway has…

Graduate success: Leo performing with Norwegian Cruise line

Congratulations to Northern Ballet School alumni Leo who has flown over to Tampa to perform with…

Graduate success: Entrepreneur Rosie Page launches entertainment company

Congratulations to ICTheatre Graduate and Entrepreneur Rosie Page who has set up her own company, RAEntertainment…

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