Student accommodation

As student cities, Brighton and Manchester have a whole host of great accommodation options, as well as a good public transport system with excellent links to London, and the ability to get around easily without a car.

ICTheatre benefits from centralised college locations, meaning wherever you choose to live, your journey will be direct and straightforward.

Whether you decide to live in a flat, shared house or even on a part-board basis with a family, there’s plenty to choose from – although accommodation does fill up fast, so we advise you start investigating as soon as you can.

Whilst we don’t yet have our own halls of residence at ICTheatre, but we’re committed to helping you find somewhere to live.

Available student accommodation options include:

• Dedicated student housing
• Private landlords
• House share opportunities
• Part-boards with families

When you apply to ICTheatre, we will send you an information pack which will include details of your accommodation options.


Student accommodation in Brighton

Joint Lettings Agency are dedicated to ensuring that tenants have an exceptional living experience in newly renovated, interior designed shared houses and are focused on improving their wellbeing through a small, friendly & supportive team.

Maintenance issues are reported through an easy-to-use app with a dedicated 48-hour response time, all bills are included as well as a cleaner and gardener. One of their partners are Sound Asleep Club, a mediation app that all tenants get free access too and they provide helpful guides such as monthly meal plans to assist with budgeting.

They offer low deposit and alternative guarantor options, welcome international and UK based students and can accommodate groups and individuals.

Student accommodation in Manchester

We understand that finding accommodation can be intimidating. So we’ve teamed up with IQ Student Accommodation to give our Manchester Training Professionals the best deals.

Also make sure you’ve joined our Facebook groups where you can connect with other TPs on house shares, as well as get help and advice from our recruitment team.


Any questions?

For any questions regarding student accommodation or if you’d like more information on how to apply to ICTheatre, please contact our admissions team on 0344 2 646 666 or email


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