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Be part of a unique family of Training Professionals

Student life at ICTheatre is all about community. You’ll meet like-minded people from all over the world, and from multiple disciplines, at our extracurricular activities, events and societies. The people you meet here may be integral to your future, so try to make the most of every opportunity: build friendships that last a lifetime and connections that kickstart your career.

In this stimulating and supportive environment, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your passions and discover what makes you unique. If you want to practise new material or showcase your work, you can even put on your own performance or join one of our many open mic nights.

If you ever need help with anything (whether it’s taking care of your well-being, housing advice, learning support, or simply adjusting to life away from home), our brilliant Student Support Team is always on hand to give you advice and guidance.

Ellen Garrett

“I loved the opportunities to work with so many other talented students that share the same passion as me. We are all on our own journeys and support each other rather than compete against each other.”
Ellen Garrett, third year Contemporary Musical Theatre student

Find your people

There are many ways to meet likeminded people at ICTheatre. You might make friends on your course, in your accommodation, or even on a night out. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you by organising plenty of events and nurturing student-run societies.

BIMM Student Association (BSA) puts on a variety of campus-wide events that offer avenues for socialising, such as charity gigs and networking functions. Representing all BIMM University schools in your area, BSA facilitates interactions with students from other creative courses such as music and film, helping to foster invaluable opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

BSA is also responsible for student societies. These can be related to your particular industry – for example, in Manchester, ICTheatre students have created their own dance troupe – or you can explore another of your interests, such as bouldering, drum & bass, yoga or book club. We also have societies like Performers of Colour Society, Women’s Society and LGBTQ+ Society.

“Performing gives me life” – Becca & Jess’ Story
Meet the Students, Jess from ICTheatre Manchester
“Stay true to who you are" - Noa’s Story,

What is a Training Professional?

When you start at ICTheatre, you’ll join our dynamic community of training professionals. As a training professional, you’ll be encouraged to think about your sense of yourself as a performer and an individual. Your talents will be nurtured to the highest degree, and the people you meet here will inspire and empower you to reach your full potential. In order to get the best out of your experience, you must be flexible, intellectually curious, disciplined and courageous, with a willingness to achieve.

Alongside our Creative Futures Team, you’ll develop your career goals and become a true spokesperson for your art. We believe that the key to a sustainable career in the creative industries is being able to create your own work. With our expert guidance, you’ll graduate as a resourceful and bold performer who is ready take on any challenge.

We believe the key to sustaining a career is to be a performer who can create their own work.  A multi-track approach to training is crucial in readying students to be resourceful and dynamic in their post-graduation lives.

“I couldn’t recommend a better school or course. The support system and the way it’s sculpted for each individual makes you feel so validated as a person. The intense training is everything you could hope for.”
Darrion Frazer, BA (Hons) Performing Arts


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