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At ICTheatre, we focus on delivering theatre and performing arts training that is relevant and contemporary.

We believe in rigour, but also in exploration. We believe in discipline, but also allow for the wildness of imagination. We want to empower our students to find their own artistic identities, not mould them into a one size fits all model.

Our goal is to remove the barriers preventing people from choosing a career in performing arts; whether these are financial, physical, cultural or personal.

The artist for the 21st century is collaborative and agile. Performers must be entrepreneurial, imaginative and take ownership of their own ideas.

ICTheatre Brighton

Creativity and freedom is at the forefront of Brighton’s thriving culture and with its inclusive and eclectic vibes, it certainly has much more to offer than your average university city

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ICTheatre Manchester

Manchester is one of the most creatively vibrant cities in the UK. It’s a cultural nucleus with numerous creative strongholds, making it the perfect place to launch a career in artistic performance

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Auditions and Open Days

Training for the talented, not the elite. In-line with the ICTheatre ethos, our audition process is completely FREE

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