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The worlds of performance and TV have long been connected, and here at ICTheatre we like to use video to show you what life at ICTheatre is really like. See first hand why our students love ICTheatre so much, keep up to date on our latest productions, sit in on a packed Masterclass with an industry professional, or hear from some of our tutors how a ICTheatre course can help launch your professional career. We’ve got it all here for your viewing pleasure.

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An Introduction to ICTheatre

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Remote Video Auditions

We regret to inform you due to the increasing concerns over COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ICTheatre will now be running remote auditions.

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Professional Agency Work

We believe entrepreneurship is the key to successful performing arts training. Our Training Professionals won’t leave without the knowledge and...

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NEW Diploma Pathways...

Our Extended Diploma course is expanding! In our first graduating class alone we saw 94% of our student cohort move on to study at higher education both at accredited drama and musical theatre schools, universities as well as our own ICTheatre degree...

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What can you do with a Hip Hop & Commercial Dance Artistry Degree?

If you want to become a professional Dancer, DJ, MC, Producer - this is the course for you. With a strong emphasis on personal, professional and commercial development, you will become a multi-faceted entrepreneur...

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Hip Hop Artistry Patron

Meet our Hip Hop Artistry Patron: Jonzi D

Introducing one of our legendary Hip Hop Artistry BA(Hons) Patrons, Jonzi D. Jonzi has been actively involved in British hip hop culture, rapping and b-boying in clubs and on the street since the early 1980s. 

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ICTheatre Ethos

Affordable Training

Our Degree offers people who may not be able to afford to pay the huge fees attached to many performing arts courses, an excellent training. More than this though, we also want to deliver a curriculum that enables students to develop entrepreneurial skills and to expand their knowledge of the industry as a whole.

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What can you do with an 'Acting for the 21st Century' degree?

The industry has changed and continues to do so. It is no longer simply a case of just training to be an actor and then waiting for your agent to give you a call.

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ICTheatre Tutors and visiting faculty

Before joining ICTheatre, all our tutors had busy careers many could only dream of. But it certainly doesn’t stop there. Each one of them is still active and working in the performing arts business, meaning they bring with them current industry experience and knowledge which they’re pleased to pass directly onto you.

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