Acting for the 21st Century

ICTheatre offers a new degree pathway with a difference. Our rigorous training will equip you – both technically and creatively – to succeed as an actor, as well as introduce you to a range of areas that you may never have explored before.

The industry has changed and continues to do so. It is no longer simply a case of just training to be an actor and then waiting for your agent to give you a call

In today’s contemporary theatre, film and television industries, 
an actor needs to be skilled, adaptable, entrepreneurial and passionate. Creative work prospects are out there – you just need to learn how to find them. You’ll also need to learn how to take opportunities, as well as how to make them for yourself.

We want you to shape your own creative identity, explore what you can offer as an artist, discover new passions and develop your existing skills through:

  • Rigorous training from experienced practitioners working in both film and theatre
  • A choice of options running alongside your core training
  • Thorough preparation for the industry including marketing, self-taping, audition technique and presentation
  • Regular sessions in mindfulness and mental resilience
  • A chance to hone your own creative identity in the third year and deepen your skills in areas where you have thrived

What to expect

Actor training is changing. You need voices that can communicate. You need bodies that can express. You need imaginations that can take you to different worlds and points of view. Of course you do. But you also need to be able to work in front of a camera, to be able to act for video games, do voice-overs, work puppets, have aerial skills, be able to create, devise, innovate.

You need to understand how to work in immersive theatre, applied theatre, on site-specific projects, create in a number of mediums and on a range of platforms. We want you to be ready to meet the exciting and diverse demands of the industry in the 21st Century.

The aim of this route is to equip graduates with the relevant skills for the industry today. Actors will be rigorously trained, vocally and physically, and will engage with clear and established acting methodologies providing them with the necessary tools and skillsets for a range of work. Areas that have been identified as being particularly relevant in current practice will be explored.

For example: immersive theatre, acting for video games, site-specific work, acting for camera, applied theatre, circus skills and voice-over techniques. These will run alongside the more traditional actor training thereby ensuring that graduates leave fully proficient, but also with the ability to adapt to a variety of challenges. Acting for the 21st Century also focuses on entrepreneurship, creative identity and individuality.

Lois Hilton

“I’ve been able take risks without worrying about getting it wrong. Everyone is very supportive of my journey and there is so much variety on the course. I love it.”
Lois Hilton, second year Acting for the 21st century student

Julius Caesar, ICTheatre Brighton, 2023
An introduction to motion capture training
'Landmines' behind the scenes in rehearsals



We believe that developing your industry connections is a key component to a successful career in the creative arts. ICTheatre offers a wide range of Masterclasses with performers and industry experts.

The likes of Dominic Keavey (TV Director), Layton Williams (West End Performer) and Natalie Weiss (Vocalist) have given our Training Professionals advice and career tips that you won’t find in any textbook.

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Our courses are aimed at presenting the industry with individuals who are not only talented and professionally trained, but also well-equipped, both physically and mentally, to face the inevitable challenges they’ll encounter as they break into the business.

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Our expert lecturers will provide you with essential insider tips and exclusive knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s their role to help you step into the performing arts industry with confidence.

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For more information on our Acting For The 21st Century pathway or if you have any questions about how to apply to ICTheatre, please contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email

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