Hip Hop Artistry & Commercial Dance

NEW BA(Hons) Pathway

The only degree route of its kind, Hip Hop Artistry is the most current and innovative course in the marketplace today. Focusing on elements of hip-hop culture and dance techniques, you will explore how this revolution is continuing to thrive globally and find your place within it.


With a strong emphasis on personal, professional and commercial development, you will become a multi-faceted entrepreneur; primarily focusing on your skills as a dance artist, but also taking full advantage of ICTheatre’s training in TV, music and film, plus top drawer digital and media skills.


In conjunction with world-renowned dance agencies,
this route is set to give you the springboard required to enter the creative industries as your own business at the highest level. The course includes:


  • Hip-hop, street, commercial and freestyle dance techniques


  • YouTubing, influencing and TV presenting skills


  • Hip-hop theatre and production projects


  • Artist development and hip-hop culture


  • Music, vocal and beat production


  • Studio and live performance technique


Audition for this course online! 

  • Brighton, Manchester