Andrea Walker

Commercial Dance Lecturer

Andrea Walker is the founder and Artistic Director of 201 Dance Company, and Choreographer/Director of 201's award-winning 'SKIN' and 'SMOTHER'. His style is inspired by hip-hop and contemporary movement, and a huge passion for film, which translates to a highly cinematic experience on stage.

Based in Brighton (UK),  Andrea began dancing aged 14 in Rome, Italy, and continued his study and exploration of dance at The Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), and at The Broadway Dance Center in New York. He graduated from Broadway Dance Center with a Certificate of Excellence, and was awarded BDC's Outstanding Student Award in June 2014. He is also the recipient of a BA in Film & Television Production from the University of Westminster.

Other credits include Kylie Minogue for Brighton Pride, Coldplay, Aggro Santos, Ebony Bones, Kimberly Walsh, Xbox, T-Mobile, Martini and D&G.

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