Outreach at ICTheatre

At ICTheatre we celebrate the vast range of career opportunities available to those who study performing arts; producers, writers, directors, facilitators, educators, choreographers, therapists, agents, casting directors, events managers, as well as performers, the list could go on. We are on a mission to encourage our students to understand all the opportunities available to them.

To give students a taste of what we teach and to lighten the load on fellow educators we are proud to be able to offer a programme of workshops available across the three pathways.

We want to collaborate with schools, colleges, youth groups and companies to ensure that the fight to protect the performing arts for our young people goes on.

Breaking down barriers

Our goal at ICTheatre is to remove the barriers preventing people from choosing a career in performing arts, whether these are financial, physical, cultural, or personal. We have developed a unique degree programme encompassing three pathways within the BA (Hons) Performing Arts:

We know how busy staff are in schools and colleges. Our outreach programmes are designed to support staff not just with delivering skills but also with information about progression and destinations in the Arts.


We are a new institute and therefore want to make ourselves known to teachers and students and share our inclusive vision of performing arts training. Our degrees offer people who may not be able to afford to pay the huge fees attached to many performing arts courses, an excellent training. More than this though, we also want to deliver a curriculum that enables students to develop entrepreneurial skills and to expand their knowledge of the industry.

We have a programme that develops a wide range of skills alongside those of dancing, singing, and acting and if we have a student who shows interest in an area of the industry, we aim to find placements for them. We also have a strong focus on mental resilience throughout the course.

Free workshops

We are offering a range of FREE workshops that we can hold at your school/college or at our own amazing facilities – view our workshop options below and then get in touch via the form at the bottom of the page to see how we can work together.

Workshop Sessions

  • Acting Through Song – (75 mins) Ensemble Masterclass with an MD/Acting Tutor.
    (To include a vocal warm-up, learning a number from a musical followed by ATS to hear some people sing and get a critique).
  • Dance – (75 mins) Class includes warm-up, learning a routine from a show and cool down.
  • Q & A – (30 mins) ICTheatre tutors take questions on ICTheatre training and auditions.

Workshop Sessions

  • Dance – (90 mins) including warm-up, technique exercises, learning a short routine at speed and cool down.
  • Q & A – ICTheatre tutors take questions on ICTheatre’s training and auditions (30 mins)

Workshop Sessions

  • Acting Through Song – (90 mins) Masterclass with an MD and Acting Tutor, giving support and guidance to students’ prepared songs.
  • Q & A – (30 mins) ICTheatre tutors take questions on ICTheatre training and auditions.

Workshop Sessions

  • Acting – (90 mins) Students will be led through vocal and physical warmups before embarking on a workshop where the theme is ‘Acting for the 21st century” The session will closely resemble a class taught to our first-year degree students.
  • Q&A – (30 mins) ICTheatre tutors will take questions about the training and opportunities available at ICTheatre, and give advice about our audition process.

Workshop Sessions

  • Dance – (90 mins) session including warm-up, technique exercises, learning short commercial/hip hop choreography and cool down.
  • Q & A – (30 mins) ICTheatre tutors take questions on ICTheatre’s training and auditions.

Book Now

To book a School Tour or Workshop, please fill out the contact form below highlighting the type of activity you are interested in and your nearest ICTheatre location. Someone will be in touch shortly to respond to your enquiry.




Please note: We are happy to put together bespoke packages so whether your students are in the 6th form or interested in our Diploma courses in Performing Arts, we are dedicated to offering the best opportunities to students.

At ICTheatre work with schools and colleges to offer a wide variety of engagement and progression opportunities to students. We focus on widening participation and diversity recruitment to make sure all students get a fair opportunity to work in the creative industries. We work with many schools and colleges across the country so please do get in touch if you would like to be involved in our outreach work.


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