Exciting developments for our Institute...


You may have noticed that some changes have been made to our institute.

We have passed several milestones this year, such as our OFS registration and partnerships with BIMM Institute and Screen and Film School . We have a lot to celebrate as our student numbers continue to grow and the student experience improves.

To make way for expansion and opportunities outside of Brighton,
we will now be known as:


Institute for Contemporary Theatre


Alongside this new name comes a few changes to our look and branding, which you can have a look at across our social media channels:




You may also notice that our website and e-mail addresses have changed to:




no need to worry about this, brictt.co.uk will still work and be re-directed right to our new web address and e-mails.


One last piece of exciting news for you… in 2020 we will be moving to our second home in:




Keep an eye out for more information on this expansion coming soon.

In the meantime, let’s get comfortable with the new name as our family continues to grow!


If you have any questions about this change over,

give us a call on 01273 603 333 or e-mail admissions@ictheatre.ac.uk


  • Brighton, Manchester