Brighton is renowned for its creative nature. It hosts an abundance of artists and practitioners living and working in the city, alongside a corresponding array of theatres – from small hidden gems to large performance venues!

Brighton is home to major development agencies that support dance, live art and community art. You’ll also find many underground and big-time theatre groups around town. With no shortage of small productions throughout the year, there are so many directions you can take to find the perfect place to express yourself! Whether you want to sing at live shows in the evenings, take a chance with some stand-up comedy, or join a performance group to create your own play, all the opportunities you can think of are available right here in Brighton!



Brighton is home to an impressive bundle of theatres – there’s quite literally something for every type of performance art when it comes to performance spaces! Follow the links below to discover a few of the most popular choices:

Theatre Royal Brighton

A part of the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) and a Grade II listed building, Theatre Royal stands as a proud historical gem of the city, and is home to many touring West End productions, operas and ballets.

Brighton Open Air Theatre

Known as B.O.A.T, this theatre was uniquely funded by private donations and is the legacy of the Brighton showman and construction manager, Adrian Bunting.

The Old Market

Another historic Grade II listed building, The Old Market operates as a cultural performance centre, and is host to a wide variety of live events, theatre and performances.


Komedia is an arts and entertainment company. Famously a venue for live comedy, the Komedia also hosts music, cabaret and theatre, featuring local, national and international performers.

Marlborough Theatre

The Marlborough Pub and Theatre is a historic venue. Its small theatre presents a diverse and critically acclaimed range of theatre, cabaret and music throughout the year, including during the Brighton Fringe Festival, LGBT History Month and Brighton Pride Arts Festival.


Fringe Festival

The Brighton Fringe Festival is England’s largest arts festival and a chance for Brightonians to show off their creative talents for all to see:

“The Brighton Fringe team works all year round to nurture arts in the city and beyond. We connect local, national and international artists and organisations to promote their work, to develop professionally and to meet other artists, promoters, venues and businesses. We also work closely with festivals worldwide and international networks, such as the World Festival Network and World Fringe Alliance, to further support performers to tour, fundraise and develop.”

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