Having a mindful attitude towards your practice, career and life in general can be the key to success. We believe that your wellbeing is of the highest importance, especially within an industry that can be tough to crack.

Part of our ethos here at ICTheatre is to ensure the wellbeing and emotional support of our students is never overlooked. We understand that being a student is not always easy, therefore, we offer a fantastic support network for anyone that needs it.



Mindfulness is the very effective process of calming your mind and body; alleviating anxiety, stress and even depression. The Performing Arts industry can be a tough path to take, as factors such as performance anxiety and self-criticism can take a toll on your wellbeing.

Being mindful is simply paying attention to your surroundings and being present.

Concentrating on your breathing... taking time to steady the flow of your breath.

This can, not only calm anxieties, but is great practice for performance techniques.

Tuning in to your senses. Being aware of how you’re feeling.

Taking time to just be… If you feel your mind wandering, take your attention back to your breathing.

Being fully aware of yourself in the present moment can help to clear your mind and relax your body, ensuring it’s ready to take on whatever you’re about to do.

Sometimes you may find your head is foggy and full of thoughts; it can be hard to concentrate when you have too much to think about. Try to push negative thoughts aside – you don’t always have to believe every thought that you have… stopbreathebe present.

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