What can you do with a performing arts degree?

22 June, 2017

Not everyone will be a West End or TV star, but with ICTheatre training and a passion for the industry, we believe you’ll have the skill set necessary to find work, as well as a roll call of top industry connections to get you out there.

You might find throughout your training that other jobs within the Performing Arts sector catch your eye, so why not discover a whole host of roles your degree would be useful in:

Musical Theatre Performer

The triple threat. Whether you’re a principal cast member or part of the ensemble, in a theatre group or on the West End, you can aspire to dance, act and sing your way to the stage.


There’s a great career progression for professional dancers, which includes performing in music videos, musicals, TV adverts, or even becoming a dance teacher yourself.


Become a professional singer and sing at events, shows, or on cruise ships – the entertainment sector is a world full of adventure.

Stage Manager

Stage Managers play an extremely important role in any production. They become involved in every aspect of a show, making sure everything runs smoothly.


Music and drama therapy can be extremely helpful to those suffering with their mental or physical wellbeing. Becoming a therapist is a role that combines your passion for the Arts with helping others.

Theatre Director

A Theatre Director has the important role of creating and managing stage scripts and scores, developing a theatre piece, or evolving a show from script to stage.

On-Screen Actor

You might find becoming an actor is your dream. Whether on TV or in the movies, there are a plethora of opportunities out there to whet your appetite.


Teaching is a rewarding way to gift your passion and talent onto others, whether it’s in a stage school or via professional acting, dancing or singing classes.

To discover more about specific job roles, salaries and opportunities, check out these helpful sites:





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