Video Auditions for Acting for the 21st Century

Remote Auditions

Acting For the 21st Century – BA (Hons) Pathway, Video Audition Requirements


Here at ICTheatre we take the wellbeing of staff and visitors very seriously, so with that in mind and the uncertain landscape owing to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have decided to move to remote auditions until we are in a safe position to proceed as normal. 


The audition process at ICTheatre will continue to be both in-depth and rigorous and reflects the nature of our training as well as a great learning experience. If accepted on to the course you will work intensely as part of an ensemble of training professionals over a period of three years. ICTheatre is dedicated to ensuring this ensemble reflects the rich diversity that exists within our communities. The Audition process will be assessed by specialist ICTheatre tutors and staff and overseen by The Head of Acting.


Prior to submitting your audition for our Acting for the 21st Century pathway, you will need to prepare the following:


  • A short introduction of yourself, mentioning name, passions and interests, any concerns you have in regards to training and if you feel there are any areas where you might need any additional support.


  • One monologue from a contemporary published play (written after 2000) 2 minutes in length. This monologue must not be written by the candidate or an unknown playwright, or taken from a film script. We strongly advise candidates to have read the play from which the monologue is taken as they may be asked about the context and to work on the piece at some stage during the audition process.


  •  A second contrasting monologue of your choice from any era, genre or source.


  • Record an unaccompanied extract of a song of your choice. No more than 20 seconds.


Audition Procedure


Once you have learned the above, we ask that you self-tape using your phone. Set the phone up so that the length of your body is visible: not just your head.

Each monologue should be shot with a different shot length. Applicants should consider this as a creative choice when recording monologues and enables us to see contrasting pieces that show the applicants range and abilities. (We would suggest thinking of it in similar terms as whether you are standing or seated in a live audition)

Email this in a YouTube link format, or WeTransfer to


Additional information


  • Your monologues should be around 2 minutes in length and certainly no longer than 3 minutes each.


  • For the contemporary monologue we are looking for character driven text – based pieces that allow you to show your ability to convey a sense of believability. We therefore advise candidates to avoid Absurdist or Surrealist pieces. Like – wise we would suggest avoiding non-human characters that might require excessive demonstration.


  • You may be required to come back for a recall audition. Details of this audition will be given at the time of being invited back to the recall stage.


  • When filming the monologues; Full (full body) Mid (waist up) and Head/Shoulder length shots can be used but no close ups (just face) please.




The aim of the audition is to provide the candidate with the opportunity to demonstrate their work and creative potential as well as their suitability to train. The panel looks for reasonable evidence that the applicant


  • Demonstrates potential and facility to train within the discipline of Acting and any associated areas of study (e.g Movement & Voice)


  • Makes credible and specific choices


  • Applies their intelligence to the understanding and interpretation of any given material such as text and movement


  • Is flexible and industrious


  • Possesses the work ethic, motivation stamina necessary to participate in the training and successfully complete the course


Following on from the submission of your audition, we will invite you to a FaceTime or Skype interview. This will be conducted by senior members of the ICTheatre team and will be a valuable opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the Acting for the 21st Century course, our school and ICTheatre ethos, so please prepare accordingly for this interview.


Audition Outcome


We will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible of the outcome of your audition, this is generally within 2-3 days.

You will receive your outcome via email and UCAS Track.

For any queries please do not hesitate in contacting

We are grateful for your understanding and patience at this time and look forward to “business as usual” as soon as this is possible.



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