Student testimonials, meet Lydia

26 August, 2020

At ICTheatre our main ethos is to nurture the individual artist’s determination, personal interests, aptitudes, skills and creative concerns. Above all, we value the individual, and are so happy our students value the BA (Hons) Performing Arts as proven by our fantastic National Student Survey Results this year.

We also love hearing the personal feedback from our Training Professionals, so over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of this feedback in order to give you a first-hand view of life at ICTheatre. First up, meet Lydia:


“I came to ICTheatre as someone who had no prior experience or knowledge of the industry I was signing up for. ICTheatre helped guide me through every single step of the way. ICTheatre provides their students with endless opportunities and the opportunity to make connections – whilst working alongside Brown and Mills Entertainment Agency. ICTheatre has equipped me with the skills I need in the industry: punctuality, perseverance, hard work, commitment, and a professional work ethic.

In the last year I have worked on voice over work for a BBC Radio 4 Show and my teachers at ICTheatre were able to help me train and enhance my voice to showcase the best of my abilities.

I have also worked on a music video for Skinny Living’s song ‘No Messiah’. On this project, I was working with a variety of cast members of varying ages- from new-born babies to senior actors.

All the teamwork activities I did during classes at ICTheatre helped me blend brilliantly with the other cast members. During this shoot, I also learnt how sometimes a day’s work can get discarded if it is not what the director has envisioned and how a reshoot day can be unpredictable – so you must be prepared for anything especially working with a new team, new ideas and from a new perspective.

All the improv classes I had at ICTheatre helped me offer more to the team and provide them with what they had envisioned.

I also worked on an advertisement for Adidas featuring Kano. The audition process was incredibly unique and new to me. I had to write and perform a rap- which even Kano listened to and was able to give me feedback on.

This shoot was probably the hardest as it was an outdoor shoot and the weather on the day was extremely challenging. It was windy and raining and the equipment kept blowing around the set. During this shoot, the story board had unfortunately been changed the morning of the shoot.

The whole storyboard had to be redesigned and reorganised during our filming hours. Due to the lack of time, we ran into overtime, however, I was also able to look more into the set designs and how the team had managed to completely recreate a fully equipped recording studio in the middle of an events hall.

This was my favourite project as I was able to form good connections with other creative individuals that were on the set with me.

I next did a photography shoot for an airlines company- this was difficult as I needed to make sure I was acting in these shots, not just taking pretty photos. I had to play the role of a sassy Generation Z influencer. A segment of a commercial aircraft was recreated brilliantly in a studio- I was very inspired.

Through the Agency and ICTheatre I was also able to be a part of Jack Whitehall’s Stand Up tour. This was a different experience for me as it was live and on stage. I was so full of adrenaline as this was my first ever experience of being on a stage. It was a very memorable experience and thankfully, I was able to do it numerous times.

These are all experiences I would never have been able to obtain if it were not for ICTheatre and their partnership with Brown and Mill’s Entertainment Agency. These are opportunities I would never have been able to seize if it were not for ICTheatre’s brilliant training, curriculum and selfless staff members and teachers.

They constantly help me with scripts, auditions, and advice on how to film my self-tapes. During my time at ICTheatre I have had the opportunity to audition for some incredible projects and jobs, and although I haven’t been successful on them all, ICTheatre has really helped me reflect on them and improve my skills for the next audition.

I really and truly admire how ICTheatre treats their students as professionals that they are eager to train and showcase to the industry.”


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