Spring 2021, great expectations for performing arts and for ICTheatre

3 March, 2021

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens – Great Expectations


Here at ICTheatre we are thrilled that March is upon us at last. And quite a month it is already proving to be, only three days in. We have very Great Expectations!

It has definitely been a winter of shade and at times of great darkness and sadness, personally and professionally for many. With our theatres closed and so many industry colleagues working across the creative arts unable to actively pursue their creative careers.

But we have also enjoyed seeing the tenacity, flexibility and talent of our students and our alumni shine through, as they have continued to work diligently, all through the winter and through the latest lockdown. Preparing themselves to come back – stronger and with more energy than ever before! Honing their skills, making new work, building their networks.

So, we are looking forward to spring and summer, whatever the weather may throw at us!


Theatres, festivals and live events everywhere in the UK are re-opening and now taking bookings for live shows from June onwards – which means that all those involved in the presentation of live events will be back at their vital posts – whether on the stage, in the wings or front of house. Performers, Technicians, Crew, Booking Agents and Promoters – all can now burst back at last.

Whilst our current students have been preparing to return to in-studio teaching and training from next week, we are also delighted to be opening our doors and our in-house theatres to live audiences again. We have a whole program of Open Days and industry events for new students to delight you and to which we invite you to book in to over the spring and summer months.

One thing will all be celebrating is today’s key budget announcement, where the provision of an additional £400 million-plus for the Creative and Performing Arts sector has been pledged by The Chancellor.

Whilst we have worked hard and kept our heads down through this long winter it’s been in the secure knowledge that the Creative and Performing Arts are always with us and always able to provide entertainment, to provoke our thoughts, to help us to work through the ups and downs of our daily lives. Part of the fabric of society that binds and defines us all.

Today’s Government announcement is a wonderful recognition of this and the importance of a multi-billion-pound industry which the UK leads the world in – and is famous for the world over. The cash boost will help to protect jobs and the industry that we all love here at ICTheatre and which we will know our current and future students will be able to shape and thrive in – whatever their chosen career path.

It’s not just about The West End – important though that is, regional theatres and festivals are part of our cultural heritage and daily lives. Here in Brighton, we are proud to be a partner of The Theatre Royal and to announce that we are going to be working as one of the key partners of the 2021 Fringe Festival which has been able to confirm a program of live events running throughout the whole of June.

We are looking forward to a “Summer in the Light” – When the lights go up and the show must go on!

Vaseema Hamilton

Executive Principal ICTheatre


See what Julian Stoneman (ICTheatre Patron, West End & Broadway Producer) and Mia Bird (ICTheatre Founder and Creative Director) have to say about the news:

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