Spoken word with Kae Tempest

11 February, 2021

At ICTheatre we believe that creative artists and performers speak to the times and the communities in which they exist. The best kind of art holds a mirror up to society so that we can learn to develop and progress.

As part of the training, we help guide our training professionals in developing an awareness of historical and contemporary artists and their work and how these artists develop and push the boundaries of performance.

In the first year, we have discussion seminars in which we look at a broad selection of these artists and their works, in order to gain an understanding of performance in practice. We discuss dissect and analyse to gain knowledge, challenge our preconceptions and most importantly, be inspired!

This short film was born out of one of these seminars. The brief was to come up with hypothetical defence of the various forms of dramatic text as a form of artistic expression. This group were given the artist Kae Tempest and Spoken Word.

We hope you enjoy!

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