New partnership with TIRED movement, widening access for the underrepresented

2 August, 2022

At ICTheatre we are wholeheartedly committed to widening access and participation from underrepresented groups in education. We believe there should be an even playing field, no matter who you are. So we hugely excited to announce our partnership with TIRED movement.

We are on a joint mission to create a movement that is inclusive, informative and that provides a safe space for honest conversations along with ensuring good practice within the dance industry.

ICTheatre students will have the opportunity to be a part of these important conversations as “Dance Ambassadors” and have access to SHADES Dancewear: the first UK dance brand to provide four shades of skin tone in all of their products in all child and adult sizes.

“TIRED movement are extremely proud to announce our partnership with ICTheatre and we look forward to starting this journey with them, to improve representation in dance education and strive for a more inclusive industry.

We are excited to be working with the students and staff at ICTheatre in September and are grateful for the support and the shared vision of improving racial equity in dance.”

– Stacey Green & Laura Grant

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