Lights up after lockdown, the future of performing arts

4 February, 2021

What is the future of Performing Arts? It’s a great question and one that in these strange times needs unpicking more than ever!

We want to send all of our love and well wishes to everyone in the industry who may be struggling. We also feel we need to look ahead, so will be hosting an array of FREE online events over the next few months, to inspire and encourage conversation around the future. It’s time to start looking forward!

We believe the future of the Performing Arts world is right here, we’re getting our Training Professionals ready to take on the entertainment industry when it most needs it!

The future is #ICTheatre.

Join us as we discuss what the future of Performing Arts looks like in a series of exciting panels, hosted by industry professionals.

FREE for all our ICTheatre community to join.

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