Access and participation Brighton: May newsletter

9 May, 2022

Access and Participation supports specific groups of students to access higher education, improve their success and support career development where there might have been past challenges. We’re dedicated to making higher education more equal and fairer.

In our new monthly APC newsletters, we’ll be covering everything thats going on at ICTheatre Brighton. Including student societies, charity campaigns, events, deals, housing, training. Anything that our incredible APC team are doing to help support our Training Professionals.

Here’s a round-up of what’s going on this May:


Sexism: See it, Name it, Stop it.

#StopSexism #MeToo character graphic with 8 people

The harmful impact of sexism can be worse for some women and men due to their ethnicity, age, disability, social origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or other factors.

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Barclays Dance Pass

Barclays Dance Pass header image

If you’re aged 16 – 30, you can get £10 tickets to some of the world’s most exciting dance performances with Barclays Dance Pass.

From classical ballet to hip hop theatre, contemporary to flamenco, Barclays Dance Pass unlocks our innovative programme of dance.

It’s free to join, with no transaction fees. And you can bring a friend aged 16 – 30 for the same price.

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Paint a Pic Brighton

Prime Pass header image

Come down to our paint and sip to create your own masterpiece with the guidance of our resident artist. We provide all the materials and the bar to go with it (drinks not included). So, whether alone or with friends, you can have a great time, and leave with your own piece of art to take home with you!

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Youth-led solutions for affordable food

“Eva is 22 years old and living in Brighton having moved here to study in September 2020. After leaving her course she now works 40 hours a week as a support worker, earning just above minimum wage.

Before she had a stable job she was ‘really, really struggling’ and was accessing Universal Credit, but even now she finds that ‘everything is so expensive’ – from public transport to food. Even in full time work, it is increasingly difficult for young people to keep up with rising living costs.”

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Congratulations to Shannon Norman for completing the Brighton Marathon 2022

Shannon Norman in blue t-shirt running a marathon

“I think doing that marathon was one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences since I have been alive. The mental strength you have as an individual is so much stronger than I could have ever believed and I felt like I learnt a lot about myself and how much I want to keep fighting for the rights of mental health patients.”

“There were many highs including the crowds, the high fives from the children, seeing the MIND charity stand and not to forget seeing all my wonderful family and friends! But along with all that was the struggles, at around 20 miles I had seen many people stop, slow down, fall and injure themselves which naturally had gotten into my brain. I could feel my legs getting heavy and my breathing went completely off – I panicked.”

“I have never felt what I felt next but a young man who I will forever be grateful for saw me getting teary-eyed whilst running and he ran right next to me and said

1 in 15 will complete a marathon, you’ve done the hard bit, this is your victory, your time to celebrate the journey and your reason why you started.

“after he said this to me I felt like a recharged battery – I was ready to sprint and get to the end. The final push was tough but I’m so excited to sign up again for next year! Thank you everyone!”



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