Industry Partners

ICTheatre is a hub for creativity and part of many vibrant artistic communities. We are associated with a number of institutions in Brighton and Manchester, giving us the opportunity to expand the learning experience for our students, enabling them to participate in a greater creative endeavour that extends beyond our institute.

Everyone here works together to help our students become the performers and creators the entertainment industry around the world demands – artistically accomplished, technically skilled, well-educated and confident.

The result is that we can share ideas, collaborate in projects and gain a greater understanding of current thinking, preparing our students to enter the profession and developing their ability to work with independence, imagination and confidence.

BIMM Institute

BIMM Music Institute is Europe’s largest and most established provider of contemporary Music and Music Business education, with colleges in eight city locations including Brighton and Manchester. As part of BIMM University, ICTheatre works closely with the successful music college. This connectivity offers great scope for collaboration between the musicians, entrepreneurs and producers from BIMM. As well as the actors, dancers and performers from ICTheatre.

Screen and Film School

Screen and Film Film School is also part of BIMM University, and has provided our students with the opportunity to develop their skills in front of the camera as they have collaborated with filmmakers studying there, to put together a series of short films. Not only does this provide further experience in screen acting, but it also means that our students get to work with people studying in another area of the industry, sharing ideas and making connections.

Northern Ballet School

Northern Ballet School is an international centre of excellence in training for classical ballet and musical theatre. Running out of The Dancehouse alongside ICTheatre Manchester gives our students unparalleled opportunities across the Performing arts sector.

Brighton Fringe

Our association with The Brighton Fringe Festival is really exciting. Our students have access to a huge range of artistic expression, music, art, dance, and theatre, as the city is flooded with companies and artists for a month every year.

True Story

True Story is an exciting theatre company based in Brighton, producing work that is innovative and visually stimulating. The Artistic Director, Gary Sefton, is also our Head of Acting.


As a student of ICTheatre preparing to work in the entertainment industry, you will be eligible to join Equity as a Student Member. Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners and is an indispensable resource in the industry today. Equity’s services include insurance, career support and professional development – all with member’s interests firmly at its heart.

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