Why Choose ICTheatre?

At ICTheatre we train you with the skills necessary to develop your talent, sharpen your technique, and cultivate your entrepreneurial skills. When you graduate with a degree in the performing arts you should not have to follow the clichéd route of waiting tables or working in a call centre while you are ‘resting’. Our course is designed to offer you a rigorous training across the disciplines of acting, dancing and singing. This is at the heart of what we do.

Our course offers unique advantages that aren’t available at most drama schools. So, why should you choose to study with us?


  • A highly experienced faculty

Our faculty have years of experience and continue to work in the industry. They are supported by a range of practitioners and professionals from the West End, Broadway, television and film, who will deliver in specialised areas. We have strong industry connections, which we draw on throughout the training.



  • Higher contact hours, smaller classes

Our smaller classes mean that we can focus on each of you as an individual, allowing you the space to grow and nurture your own specific talents and skills. Alongside this, our Degree is full time so you’ll always get the most out of your time here at ICTheatre. You’ll also get special access to our studio space outside of these contact hours.



  • Choose from extra classes each week 

You get to choose from a selection of options on top of your key classes. These workshops target specific areas, giving you an opportunity to explore elements that deepen and expand on the core training. These classes include Circus Skills, Puppetry, Acting for Television, Stand-up Comedy, Opera Jazz, Heels Commercial, Agency and Casting work and so much more.



  • Mental resilience training

The Performing Arts industry is a notoriously difficult profession to enter, laced with rejections and difficulties. It is also a wonderful career to embark on and we want to equip you with strategies to cope when things don’t go smoothly, to give you the ability to make the most of opportunities, to keep steady in stressful situations. We offer our training professionals daily bespoke sessions revolving around mindfulness, strategic intervention and meditation. This unique program includes topics that are not generally seen on a performing arts training curriculum, including: physical fitness, mindfulness and well-being, professional nutrition advice, regular meditation and life coaching.



  • Entrepreneurship 

We will develop the skills you need to take responsibility for your own work. You will learn how to market yourself, raise money, network, self-tape, fill in a tax return, build up a following on social media, approach venues, develop an idea. Not everyone in the performing arts world is a ‘triple threat’ and thats not what we encourage you to become here at ICTheatre. Throughout your 3 years of studying on our degree course, you’ll be motivated to find your own unique skill set and discover where you’re best places in the many roles across the performing arts platform, whilst also developing yourself as an entrepreneur.



  • Collaboration with BIMM Institute and Screen and Film School

Our strong ties to BIMM  Institute and Screen and Film School, allow our students to have unique opportunities to collaborate with up and coming musicians, film makers and artists.



  • Live performance and professional opportunities

Throughout your studies you will receive many opportunities to be a part of productions and work inside and outside of ICTheatre, such as Fringe performances, dance shows and events. Alongside this, our partnership with local colleges Screen and Film School and BIMM Institute means you’ll also have opportunities to take part in short films and music video projects.



  •  Be part of a unique family

Our mindful ethos means we focus on you as an individual, as well creating an environment that is nurturing, welcoming and comforting. At ICTheatre you’ll make friends and memories for life.



We believe these tools will give our training professionals the confidence and encouragement that they need, to face the rigours of employment in this competitive industry.

During the three years of training at ICTheatre, performance will take centre stage. Students will have the chance to work with current and progressive industry professionals: directors, choreographers, musical directors, designers and technicians. Each year, our training professionals will perform in a wide cross section of digital (show reel, short films, pop videos) and theatrical productions (musical theatre, dance pieces, plays), culminating in an Industry Showcase where graduates will perform to agents, casting directors and producers. Students will also be encouraged to develop their own work and individual style, with Brighton’s eclectic arts scene and England’s largest Fringe Festival, numerous platforms and opportunities for showcasing work are available.