What is a ICTheatre student?

An individual with a vision...

We are looking for talented training professionals from all over the world to join our dynamic and visionary course.

A ICTheatre student will have:

  • commitment
  • flexibility
  • passion
  • dedication
  • curiosity
  • discipline
  • courage
  • imagination


They are robust, resourceful, determined, creative and have a willingness to achieve. If you think this is the profession for you, your talents will be nurtured and your abilities will be developed to the highest degree.

ICTheatre students have a sense of why they want to be a performer. They are something of an entrepreneur with their career goals in mind, and are now presented with the skills to make work, to be a performer and a spokesperson for their art.

We believe the key to sustaining a career in the industry is to be an actor who can create their own work.  A multi-track approach to training is crucial in readying students to be resourceful and dynamic in their post-graduation lives.