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We know that the best people to give our current students advice on how to make it in the music industry are those who’ve already been there and done that. So we actively connect our current students with our Alumni Network, regularly inviting past graduates back as guests to talk about their careers, to sit on our industry advisory panel and to act as student mentors.

But that’s not all our Alumni Network does. It supports our students after graduation, offering careers advice and A&R assistance, helping them to find jobs, letting them know about networking events, and encouraging them to stay connected with fellow alumni, tutors and the industry in general. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all that now, would you?

To join our Alumni Network, simply click the ‘Sign up’ link below to fill in your details. Or if you’re already a member, enter your user name or email and password to take advantage of all that our extensive network can offer you.

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