What does the third-year look like on an ICTheatre degree?

20 May, 2022

The third year on our BA (hons) degree is key to your performing arts training. Whether it is the final year of your degree at ICTheatre or you are joining us on the BA (Hons) Performing Arts Top-up we are committed to giving you the support, opportunities and direction you need to get into the industry.

It is a time to celebrate your hard work, share with others what you can do and ensure that you are as ready as you can be to enter the industry with confidence when you graduate. Here’s an overview of what to expect in your third-year:


Industry facing


  • Full-staged industry facing performances
  • Numerous panel days with casting directors, producers and agents
  • Industry showcase in London’s West End


Professional Development


  • CV, Spotlight and professional headshots
  • Learn about tax and self employment
  • Professional showreel filmed in collaboration with Screen and Film school,  shot in professional film studios
  • Self taping and audition technique masterclasses
  • Professional audition experience
  • Career tutorials and guidance
  • Mental resilience training and wellbeing




  • Put your training into practise
  • Launch your own business or project
  • Option module to deepen your skills


So, what will you be doing in your final year of training? Why will you be doing it? How will it move you forwards toward your goals?


Public performances


In your final year, you will be cast in two productions, which will be open to the public as well as an invited audience of agents, casting directors, theatre companies and industry practitioners.

External directors, choreographers and musical directors will come together to work with you; creating an environment that mirrors the professional world.

Here you get the opportunity to collaborate with creative teams, to put into practice everything that you have learnt, to share the joy of doing shows together, and to have the opportunity to perform in front of people who may represent or employ you in the future.


London showcase


Just to ensure that you have the best possible chance of being seen by people who can take your career forwards, we hire a venue in central London and stage a showcase of your work. We do so in a way that is enjoyable for the invited audience and which, despite the potential pressures inherent in events like this, you can enjoy too.




You will be guided in the selection of pieces that promote your strengths, whether they are in acting, dance or vocals, or a combination of all three. This work will be filmed to a professional standard.

The careers team at ICTheatre can then send your showreel to specific agents and casting directors, who they feel would be interested in what you have to offer. Importantly this also means that you graduate armed with a showreel that you can use to promote yourself.


Professional Development


There is so much you need to know to be ready for life after college. Throughout your third year, you will have:

  • talks from agents and industry practitioners
  • mock auditions with visiting externals and meet agents through industry panel days
  • practice self-taping, have guidance on photography and writing CVs
  • learn about tax and self employment
  • focus on nutrition and self-care
  • have wellbeing sessions to help you cope with pressure and the inevitable rejections that all performers experience


Crucially you will receive the support and guidance you need to make the transition from student to professional.


Optional module


We believe that your training never stops; you will find that throughout your professional life. With this in mind during your final year you select from a choice of modules to dig deeper and hone your expertise in a particular area.

Whether you choose acting for video games, acting for camera, choreography, contemporary dance styles, vocal styles, the fundamentals of vocal coaching, or one of the other choices on offer, you will be able to take your training even further and develop your learning and confidence in an area you love.


Final project


Entrepreneurialism is the backbone of your training at ICTheatre. In the current climate performers who can make their work, promote themselves, set up businesses and put themselves out there, are going to go further in the long run.

This module, which runs across the third year, allows you to create something for yourself. It may be a business or a piece of work that you can take out into the world when you graduate, or it may be something you long to research and write about.

This module is practical or academic, depending on who you are and what you feel comfortable with. We train creative artists, and the final project speaks to this, giving you autonomy and creative control.



As you can see, the third year at ICTheatre is a busy time, you can discover more about our third-year modules here.

It should also be a time for you to share what you can do, become more confident in who you are, celebrate the culmination of hours of hard work and get ready for and seen by the industry.

Approached in the right way, it could be the most rewarding time you spend with us. We will make sure you are supported and guided throughout as you make the exciting transition into the world of work.

There is still time to apply for September 2022. 

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