What are you entitled to?

Student Finance

Financing your degree doesn’t have to cause you worry – there are plenty of options! Here’s a quick breakdown of what you could be entitled to:


  • If you’re within the EU or the UK, you’re guaranteed four years of tuition funding.


  • Your Maintenance Loan, which is the money you’ll use to live on, is worked out based on your family income/your own income.


Here’s the official 2017/18 chart from Student Finance to show how much you could be entitled to:


  • Mature students and students who can prove they’ve lived independently outside of their family home are automatically entitled to £8,539.


  • Unfortunately, international students cannot get funding through Student Finance.


  • EU Nationals will only receive the tuition loan.


If you’re worried about anything or have questions regarding your finance, feel free to call our Admissions Team on 01273 603 333 or email bricttadmissions@brictt.co.uk


You can find out more information about Student Finance via their website.


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