Training for the talented, not the elite: in-line with the ICTheatre ethos, our audition process is completely FREE.


We believe that performing arts training should be available to everyone…

…not only is the process free of charge, as a part of the audition you’ll experience a ICTheatre workshop, where you’ll get to work with industry professionals from our visiting faculty. These include:

CJ JOHNSON – West End Performer and Professional Vocalist

CAMERON JACK – Television and Film Actor and Director

LINDON BARR – International Choreographer

SYDNEY CRAVEN – Television Actor, Eastenders

CHRIS HARPER – Television Actor, Coronation Street

MYKAL RAND – West End Performer and Choreographer

ASHLEIGH GRAY – West End Performer and Professional Vocalist

These workshops will give you a flavour of life at ICTheatre as well as getting you warmed up and relaxed before your audition, allowing you the chance to give it your all.

We’re fully committed to creating an environment that is both nurturing, inspirational and authentic. We want our training professionals to enjoy a unique experience where you continue to be self motivated, confident and flexible as you grow into the best possible version of yourself.

We strive to deliver the best performing arts training available, utilising our talented faculty to ensure that learning is exciting, relevant and congruent with your experience as you step into the professional arena.

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  • Brighton, Industry Connections