Tips for a successful Performing Arts audition

25 January, 2017

Eat Breakfast

Eat it early enough so that your body has time to digest it fully.

Be prepared

Make sure that you know what is expected of you, and bring everything with you that you will need. Wear clothes that you can move freely in, and keep makeup to a minimum. Allow plenty of time for travel and to locate the venue. Arrive early so that you have the chance to focus before you go into the audition itself.

When you arrive, stay focused

Don’t blow your focus by excitably talking to everyone in the waiting area. Be nice, but don’t waste focus and energy on mad chatter or by letting people infect you with their terror and nerves. Just stay with it and calmly concentrate on the job at hand, which is the execution of your best, most focused and connected work.


Nerves affect the breath and that in turn limits your ability to express yourself freely. Take some time to locate your diaphragm and drop the breath in. Inhale and exhale slowly. Be aware of the contact your feet make with the ground. Notice where you are holding tension and as you release the breath let the tension flow out with it.

Have confidence

As you enter the room put your shoulders back and lift your head, even if you are not feeling confident, present yourself as if you are. Your energy should be present and direct. Make eye contact when you speak to someone. Make sure you really listen to any instructions you are given. If you are feeling unwell or having a bad day, do not mention it, leave all that outside of the room.

Be yourself

At an audition you want to be the best version of yourself, but you don’t want to try and present something that you are not. We are interested in you as an individual, and that means we need to be able to see your personality and hear your opinions. Don’t second guess what we are looking for, we are looking for you!


Remember that however intimidating the audition panel may seem to you, actually they are on your side. They want to see you at your best; relaxed, open and able to show them what you are capable of.


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