ICTheatre is just what the industry needs – high-end training with an emphasis on the business and life skills needed to fully prepare the graduate for the working world.

The Brighton Institute of Contemporary Theatre Training is the brainchild of Director and Principal, Mia Bird – a former West End performer and music industry professional. At ICTheatre, we’re fully committed to creating an environment that is both nurturing, inspirational and authentic. We want our students to enjoy a unique experience where you continue to be self motivated, confident and flexible as you grow into the best possible version of yourself. 

With our groundbreaking course, amazing facilities and top-notch faculty, life as a ‘BRICTTonian’ is second to none. Whether it’s training in a studio, performing on stage with your peers, collaborating on a performance art project or creating your own piece of work, experiencing life at ICTheatre will be the inspirational launch-pad you need for success.

This industry can be extremely challenging, but at ICTheatre, we believe that the psychology of our students is paramount to your success, and teachers will work together to make sure you’re taught life skills, techniques and mindfulness to illuminate any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from realising your full potential as a strong-minded individual.

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