The coastal institute geared for success

23 October, 2018

The days are long gone when performers would wait by the phone willing their agent to ring. ICTheatre’s real-world approach is intended to equip students to take control of shaping their own careers

For founder and creative director Mia Bird, herself an experienced West End performer and songwriter with an extensive background in education, ICTheatre’s ambition is clear. “We are focused on having an impact on the nature of our industry by equipping students to recognise what is unique about them, how they can contribute to changing the landscape of the performing arts, and how they can not only make but also sustain a career in the industry,” she says.

With student numbers doubling since its initial intake, as ICTheatre gears up for its second year, demand for course places at the UK’s youngest theatre school suggests that this south coast college has much to offer.

“We want to do more than produce great actors, dancers and singers – although that is central to what we do – we’re aiming to create entrepreneurs who recognise the value and potential of their talent and have the wherewithal to make their own careers.”

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“ICTheatre provides a fresh, vital and thoroughly modern alternative for the performers of the future.”

– The Stage

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