NEW Pathway: Acting for the 21st Century

NEW BA(Hons) Pathway

ICTheatre offers a new degree pathway with a difference. Our rigorous training will equip you – both technically and creatively – to succeed as an actor, as well as introduce you to a range of areas that you may never have explored before.


The industry has changed and continues to do so. It is no longer simply a case of just training to be an actor and then waiting for your agent to give you a call


In today’s contemporary theatre, film and television industries, 
an actor needs to be skilled, adaptable, entrepreneurial and passionate. Creative work prospects are out there – you just need to learn how to find them. You’ll also need to learn how to take opportunities, as well as how to make them for yourself.


We want you to shape your own creative identity, explore what you can offer as an artist, discover new passions and develop your existing skills through:


  • Rigorous training from experienced practitioners working in both film and theatre


  • A choice of options running alongside your core training


  • Thorough preparation for the industry including marketing, self-taping, audition technique and presentation


  • Regular sessions in mindfulness and mental resilience


  • A chance to hone your own creative identity in the third year and deepen your skills in areas where you have thrived



Come along to our open day on 2nd NOV to find out more 

  • Brighton, Manchester