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Our Extended Diploma course is expanding! In our first graduating class alone we saw 94% of our student cohort move on to study at higher education both at accredited drama and musical theatre schools, universities as well as our own ICTheatre degree. Of that graduating class, 65% attained Distinction or above with our upcoming graduating cohort currently predicted to attain 72% Distinction or above.

The last three years have seen the students take part in a hugely varied curriculum of study, filled to the brim with visiting professionals, masterclasses, panels and theatre trips. We have produced 2 full scale book musicals, 3 full-length plays, 3 devised productions, a selection of cabarets and concerts, taken theatrical work out to schools and into the community as well as helping some of our students to gain work experience both on and off the stage and set with local film and theatre companies.

This year, we are particularly excited to announce that upcoming students can specialise their diploma down one of three highly specialised pathways:


  • Musical Theatre (Triple Threat)


  • Acting & Theatre-Making


  • Dance Artistry & Performance



Musical Theatre (Triple Threat)

Students who study on the Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) route will focus their training across the three essential disciplines required to be competitive in the current musical theatre industry: acting, vocal training and dance. Placing equal emphasis on all three aspects of musical theatre performance, students will take part in an eclectic program of study designed to hone and craft natural talent with technical rigour and skill.

Unlike other musical theatre courses that are often weighted to one discipline more heavily than the others, here at ICTheatre we believe wholeheartedly in crafting a well rounded and diversely equipped student who can thrive in a musical theatre industry increasingly in need of performers who have a multitude of strings to their bow. At the core of a wide array of intensive training and live performance opportunities is the ethos that the musical theatre performer should be able to connect acting, dance and singing into a single cohesive and well-crafted performance that is fluent, surprising and technically sound.


Acting & Theatre-Making

ICTheatre are thrilled to be able to offer one of the only routes of study specialised for young actors and theatre makers. Students studying on the Acting & Theatre-Making route will gain highly practical and intensive training in acting as well as cutting edge skills required to thrive in an industry that requires

performers to be able to move between classical and contemporary work as well as be devisers, movers, immersive performers and even work on screen or in motion capture.

At its core, students will engage with material that is rooted in Stanislavski’s System and the work of Sanford Meisner in order to craft honest performances that are spontaneous, creative and imaginative. Through a series of intensive training and live performance opportunities, students will be able to tackle text analysis, movement and voice technique as well as material from Greco-Roman theatre to Shakespeare, modern plays to one-man shows, immersive performance to theatre for young people and in the community.


Dance Artistry & Performance

Students who study on the Dance Artistry & Performance route will spend their training strengthening technical skills in a variety of core and specialist dance styles. In addition to this, students will engage with a variety of additional skills such as portfolio compilation, social media and promotion to help the dancer develop a deepened understanding of the wider dance industry as a both part of a business and as an independent entrepreneur.

Rooted in an intensive practical immersion into core styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, modern and contemporary, students will be able to bolster their physical repertoire with an application of dance to a variety of theatrical and filmed mediums and cover various other styles and techniques such as commercial, hip-hop, world dance, circus skills, acrobatics and physical theatre, culminating in a series of intensive training and live performance opportunities. Unique to ICTheatre is a fundamental focus on fitness and nutrition, which also form an underlying and essential aspect of the training process.


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