Tips and tricks

It can be tight living on a student budget – but while money might be an issue, it’s just as important to enjoy yourself and stay healthy in order to get the most out of what you’re doing.

Here are our quick tips for surviving in Brighton on a student budget:


  1. Work out your budget

The first step is to work out what your budget actually is. We recommend looking at the Money Advice Service’s budget planner  tool.Remember to include your earnings, student finance and any other income. Be realistic about how much you think your outgoings will be. Note any direct debits or due payments in a calendar or diary, and get into the habit of paying attention to what’s coming up.


  1. Plan your food shops

So, you’ve worked out your budget and paid your bills… now what? It’s time to get inventive with the rest of your spending. Planning a sensible food shop and stocking up in advance is a good way to keep costs down – see ‘Eating Well, Living Well’ for some more advice on how to eat healthily without breaking the bank.


  1. Watch out for student deals

Whether it’s a night out or shopping you’re after, always look out for student discounts! Businesses will often knock their prices right down for students, or have student-only nights. Bring your student card everywhere you go, as you can often get discounted prices just by showing it.

Here are a few places to find the best student deals:


NUS discount card


Student Beans

Student Lock-In at Brighton’s Churchill Square shopping centre


  1. Travelling

Brighton is a great eco-friendly city, as it’s so easy to walk or cycle from A to B. But if you need to get somewhere quickly, then it’s worth downloading the Brighton and Hove Buses mobile app. Tickets are available at a cheaper price on the app, and you can get monthly, weekly and daily tickets which work out a lot cheaper than buying a new one each day.


  1. Cheap nights out

If clubs are your bag, find out when their free entry and happy hours are, and look out for the student events that are guaranteed to be running. If it’s pubbing you’re after and you’re a performer, visit one of Brighton’s many open mic nights – there’s often cheap or free drinks for those taking part. For the festival lovers among you, check out the Kemptown Carnival – a totally free festival in the eastern part of Brighton with live music, activities and a great vibe.


  1. Activities

If in doubt, head to the beach! Food and drinks are cheap if you bring them yourself, and you can have barbeques after 6pm. The beach also plays host to Brighton’s Big Screen – a cinema experience on the beach with a packed schedule: if summer evenings on the beach weren’t chilled enough, now you can catch a classic film there too. Aside from the beach, Brighton’s many parks are full of life and they’re great places to relax with friends without having to spend much money. We recommend Preston Park (good for BBQs and games), Queens Park and the Royal Pavilion Gardens.

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