Improving your dance technique

26 May, 2017

At ICTheatre, we want to encourage everyone to hone in on what they’re least confident in doing whilst on their course.  So, here’s our simple step-by-step guide to improving your dancing skills:


When learning choreography, relaxing and really listening to the music can not only calm your mind but can help your body to flow. Next time you’re learning a dance, try to breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the music.

Watch YouTube tutorials

Looking up routines to your favourite songs is a great way to improve your dancing. Try searching different genres and styles, and dance alone in your spare time to build your confidence.


Daily stretches can really help to improve your performance stamina. Try out a short stretch routine every morning and you’ll notice the difference in the way you move. Stretching can improve your flexibility and increase the motion of your moves while dancing.

Healthy eating

What you eat is an important part of being active. Being a performer means putting your body through a lot of strenuous activity. Make sure you’re eating the right foods to give your body the nutrients it needs while being active.


Listening to music in different ways is important when it comes to becoming a great dancer. Concentrate on hearing the different beats, counts and breaks. Feel the music emotively. Even listening and imagining yourself dancing to the music can encourage you to create your own moves.

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