ICTheatre in The Stage ‘If students have talent and passion, we can help them make their mark’

20 October, 2022

Today’s performing arts industry demands a different kind of training. Students do not only need to be developed in the core skills of performance – they need to be equipped with a wide range of specialist abilities that allow them to embrace any opportunity. Students do not only need to understand the worlds of stage and screen – they need to have the experience, confidence and ability to make their mark upon them.

That is the training that BIMM University – one of Europe’s leading creative universities – is providing at each of its four performing arts colleges. In Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Essex, BIMM University students are not just honing their skills as performers, they are learning how to turn those skills into successful, sustainable careers, whether that is on stage, on screen, or within digital and social media.

“We have four colleges in four different locations, each with its own history and personality, but all are united by our philosophy: to provide up-to-date training and industry connections that fully equip students with all the tools they need to succeed,” says BIMM University executive principal Vaseema Hamilton. “Of course, that includes core voice, acting, dance and movement skills, but we situate those skills within a wider, deeper understanding of the ever-evolving performing arts industry and how to navigate it.”

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