New students studying Degree Level courses at ICTheatre have access to bursaries to help fund their courses.

If you come under any of the below categories, you may be eligible to receive extra funding:


1.Students that are Care Leavers

2.Students from low income background

3.Students with disabilities or with specific learning differences


Under the new scheme, students that are care leavers or from a low income background would receive 3 years of financial support from ICTheatre.

Students with disabilities or specific learning differences would receive funding that is determined by student support on a case by case basis.



Care Leavers Award  


Duration:   3 years

Amount:   £3,000 per year, with an additional £500 in the first term of year 1 to new Students

The award will be paid in three instalments per year – £1,000 per term in October, January and April. For students who complete their degree successfully an exit award will be paid of £1,000.

Breakdown of payments:

Year 1 £3,500
Year 2 £3,000
Year 3 £3,000 + £1,000 if awarded 2:2 or above
Total £10,500 (if awarded degree)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the award, students must:

  • have been in UK care for at least 13 weeks since their 14th birthday
  • be studying on their first undergraduate degree
  • be under 25 when the course starts
  • have ticked the ‘in care’ box on their UCAS Application.



Low income scheme


This bursary has two award types based on income:

  • Type 1 – Household income £25,000 or below
  • Type 2 – Household income between £25,001 and £42,875

Duration:   3 years maximum

Amount:   Type 1 – £1,000 per academic year

Type 2 – £500 per academic year

The award will be paid in three instalments per year:

Type 1  £400 in term 1 followed by £300 in terms 2 and 3

Type 2  £200 in term 1 followed by £150 in terms 2 and 3


Breakdown of payments:

Type 1 Type 2
Year 1 £1,000 £500
Year 2 £1,000 £500
Year 3 £1,000 £500
Total £3,000 £1,500


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for financial support students must:

  • be a UK applicant
  • qualify for home fee status
  • qualify to receive a maintenance loan through the Student Loans Company
  • Enrol on an undergraduate full-time course at a BIMM UK campus or ICTheatre from the academic year 2019/20 onwards
  • have a household income of less than £42,875 a year

(household income is based on the students income, plus parents’ income if the student is aged under 25, or their   partner’s   income if they are married / in a civil partnership or over 25)

Household income must be validated by:

  • Student Finance England – or
  • Student Finance Wales – or
  • Students Awards Agency for Scotland – or
  • Student Finance NI



How do students apply?


Care Leavers Award Low income Scheme
Students will need to complete a simple web based form that captures sufficient information to confirm status with applications local authority.

Completed forms will go straight to

Students will need to complete a simple web based form that captures sufficient information to identify the student, capture bank details and assess income.

The only required evidence will the ‘Student Finance ‘notification of entitlement’ letter.

Household income can be measured with a high degree of accuracy from the maintenance entitlement.

Completed forms will go straight to

Deadline for applications: 19th June 2020 Deadline for applications: 30th September 2019
Responsibility: Finance department Responsibility: Finance department


Students with disabilities and/or Specific Learning Differences

Unlike the previous awards this will not be an amount of money paid in a bursary, but will be used to purchase products or services that are specific to the individual’s needs.

There will be an amount of money allocated for all UK colleges and ICTheatre.

Student support teams at the relevant campus will carry out needs based assessments with students to determine what support or equipment may be required, for example:

  • IT hardware or Software
  • Apparatus to help with access
  • Additional Tutor time
  • Ed-psych examinations

This type of support will not be limited to certain categories as the needs of individuals will vary.

The only rule that applies is the maximum spend per year per student must not exceed £500.



If you have any enquiries regarding bursaries and funding please feel free to e-mail us at or give us a call on 01273 603333



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