How to prepare for a professional headshot

20 September, 2017

Upon arrival at ICTheatre all of our students will receive a professional headshots during their Enrolment Week.

Headshots are a vital part of being a professional performer, and you’ll use yours during your time at ICTheatre for show programmes, social media, casting roles and when applying for jobs. Here’s a bit of advice on how best to prepare for your photoshoot:

Dress comfortably

We’d like students to wear all black for their photos, but make sure you wear something you feel completely yourself in, as this will help you to feel relaxed and at ease, resulting in a natural photo.


There’s nothing wrong with smiling to yourself in the mirror – not only is it a great confidence booster, but it’s a sure way to perfect your smile and work out exactly how you want to look. Sometimes a smile isn’t what suits you best, though, so practice different poses too – find your angle!

Get inspired

As well as experimenting with a range of poses in the mirror, looking at different headshots online is a great way to find a pose that suits you best or to get inspiration for a certain look.


Natural make-up is best for a professional headshot, as you want people to be able to see your natural facial features and elements. But this doesn’t mean dull it down! You can still wear what you feel most comfortable in, but with lighter shades and softer tones that compliment your natural features. (This also includes jewellery, keep it minimal.)

Ask questions

There’s no harm in working alongside the photographer so that you’re happy with your image. Most of the time they’ll help you to feel completely comfortable and tell you exactly where to position yourself, but if at any point you’re wondering if what you’re doing is right… just ask!

Enjoy it!

This photoshoot is all about you, so relax and enjoy the process!

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