Graduate success: Imogen Eden-Brown lead role in horror film ‘A Hymm for Her’

2 November, 2021

Over the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating the success of our 2020-21 #ICTheatreGraduates. Graduate destinations have so far stretched the music and gaming industry, feature films, TV series, commercials and mainstream theatre.

There has also been entrepreneurial success with many businesses spring boarded from their third year Production Project module. We are so proud of each ICTheatre journey.

We’re kicking it off with a huge congratulations to ICTheatre 2021 Graduate, Imogen Eden-Brown who has landed the role of ‘Ella’ in Misty Moon’s new horror film ‘A Hymn for Her’ where she’ll be working alongside Tyger Drew-Honey and Linda Marlowe

‘A Hymn For Her’ is the new horror film by multi-award winning filmmaker Emma Pitt. Emma is the Writer and Director and is  co-producing with The Misty Moon Film Society, who have a number of award winning horror films to their name.

‘A Hymn For Her’ features Linda Marlowe as ageing starlet Rosemary who laments about how her age has seen her slowly become invisible to society – but there’s a dark twist. It also stars Tyger Drew Honey as Jake, Imogen Eden-Brown as Ella and Deborah Voorhees as Audrey, with the promise of a couple of surprise cameos that’ll please all horror fans.


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