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28 April, 2022

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Directed by Robin Belfield

Show dates: 

Tuesday 24 May, 19:30

Wednesday 25 May, 14:30 & 19:30

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Helen Walls - Institute for Contemporary Theatre poster

England, 1820: The isolated town of Sleepy Hollow is disrupted by the arrival of a new schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane, who challenges the town’s superstitions with science, reason and fact. The locals instantly mistrust him; but Katrina van Fleet, heiress to Sleepy Hollow’s rich land is charmed by his intellect and passion. But Ichabod is mistaken: as behind each one of the villagers’ tales lies a dark and bloody truth. As the spirits of the Hollow Wood grow restless, and as the hooves of the Headless Horseman thunder ever nearer, Katrina is forced to make a choice that will change the fate of Sleepy Hollow forever.Based on Washington Irving’s infamous short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a powerful and atmospheric musical by Helen Watts and Eamonn O’Dwyer. It is a story of community; a story of faith, of blood and belief; a story that asks the simple question: what happens when good people make bad choices?

Young Frankenstein

Directed by Yorgos Karamalegos (Creator of Physical Lab)

Show dates: 

Saturday 28 May, 19:30

Sunday 29 May, 14:30 & 19:30

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The Mel Brooks Musical - Young Frankenstein poster - Institute for Contemporary poster

From the creators of the record-breaking Broadway sensation The Producers comes this monster new musical comedy. The comedy genius Mel Brooks adapts his legendarily funny film into a brilliant stage creation – Young Frankenstein!

Grandson of the infamous Victor Frankenstein, Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced “Fronk-en-steen”) inherits his family’s estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchbacked side-kick, Igor (pronounced “Eye-gore”), and a leggy lab assistant, Inga (pronounced normally), Frederick finds himself in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestors. “It’s alive!” he exclaims as he brings to life a creature to rival his grandfather’s. Eventually, of course, the monster escapes and hilarity continuously abounds.

Every bit as relevant to audience members who will remember the original as it will be to newcomers, Young Frankenstein has all the panache of the screen sensation with a little extra theatrical flair added. It will surely be the perfect opportunity for a production company to showcase an array of talents. With such memorable tunes as ‘The Transylvania Mania’, ‘He Vas My Boyfriend’ and ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’, Young Frankenstein is scientifically-proven, monstrously good entertainment



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