Digital learning at ICTheatre, a message from our Principal

24 April, 2020

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks here at ICTheatre – HOW can you possibly move a performing arts course online? Well.. seemingly easily when it comes to the incredible staff and tutors that we have on board.

We’re amazed every day at the hard-working atmosphere that continues twice as hard online, reflecting in the positive support between our students too.

“The biggest hats off to our college for completely sorting our third term in this crazy time. Just the most incredible work and effort from all tutors”

ICTheatre Brighton has been doing some extraordinary work to deliver this new innovative online training for our students. We are a still new College, (this year we have our first cohort of third years,) and as such I think we have always worked doubly hard to establish ourselves. Everything we do has to be the best it can possibly be.

We aren’t simply managing to deliver some classes online, rather we have embraced the technology and thought outside of the box, so that the students have a training that is rigorous, challenging and stimulating.

Of course we still have a full timetable of dance classes, acting lessons, singing classes, but we have tried to go even beyond that. For example, we have linked up classes with our partner college Screen and Film School. Their students are directing our students on pieces of new scriptwriting. The two colleges are coordinating the delivery of these classes and sessions are live and collaborative.

We have adjusted projects so that even in isolation students are collaborating. For example, they are working on a piece of choreography, which will function as a kind of dance relay around a theme which will come together as a single artistic piece. These are just a couple of instances where we are using technology creatively. When you begin to look deeper there is actually so much you can do with it!

“I LOVE MY UNI! Honestly, I am so grateful to be in a uni that really cares about us. Thank you ICTheatre for your reassuring kind words and constant support through this time.”

Added to this we have daily mindfulness sessions for our students. Some have been pre-recorded but we also have live access to mental resilience strategies delivered in tutorials and group sessions. The community Facebook page for our students, set up specifically in response to the situation is full of links, strategies, messages and inspiration, I believe that in a time of isolation we are holding students and staff in a community that will serve as more than simply a stopgap.

Things will come from this which can revolutionise the way training can be delivered. Of course we need contact ultimately, but added to that physical contact, there is much that can be developed even if our need to think outside of the box has been thrust on us due to these destabilising and frightening circumstances. Innovation can come from the experience.

We are always hearing about the bigger more established drama schools, but I think it would be valuable to look at what smaller, newer colleges are doing. I am not sure that I know about any other college that is going quite as far as we are in terms of embracing technology and supporting students both in their training but also pastorally.’

Thomasina Unsworth

Brighton College Principal


Keep an eye out on our website for more updates from our new digital learning journey. We are also accepting video auditions to join us this September – click here for more info. 

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