Coping with stress

4 April, 2017

Feeling stressed is a completely normal way to feel. In fact, stress is a natural human mechanism designed to help you cope in challenging situations. Small doses of stress can encourage you to work harder, especially when it comes to studying, performances and exams.

But too much stress can be harmful; in some cases leading to issues such as anxiety and depression.   Here are a few of our top tips for keeping your mind healthy:

Keep up a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body is the key to having a healthy mind. Eat well and exercise regularly and you’ll feel the benefits!

Talk to someone

When you feel stressed, talking it out with somebody can make you feel a whole lot better. Holding in your problems will often just make them worse.

Take some time out

Having some ‘me time’ is as important as talking with friends. Assign yourself some time away from your studies to relax, watch your favourite TV show, listen to music or read your favourite book.

Get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Getting a full eight hours of sleep can change your whole day for the better.


Relaxation relates to all of the above; it’s the one thing you can do at any moment of the day! Whether it involves taking a few long deep breaths, taking five minutes to clear your mind or going for a quick walk, relaxation is key to tackling stress.   Find out more about how to deal with your health as a student here.


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