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As a potential ICTheatre student, searching for student housing in Brighton can seem like a chore. So we asked George Birtwell from Brighton student accommodation provider, Rivers Birtwell, for some advice on narrowing down your accommodation options to find the housing scenario that’s right for you.


What should a student look for when it comes to accommodation?


Has the property got an HMO licence (if more than three are sharing). How do you pay utilities (cards can be expensive)?. Does it have damp? Does it look well maintained? Does the letting agent have a good reputation? What are the total costs of letting, including all services? Does the room have sufficient storage? Are the windows double glazed? Are you on a bus/cycle route?


What’s the average budget range for student accommodation in Brighton?


£70-100 per week gets you the usual basic stuff. £100-150 should get you some good options. £150-250 per week means you’re in purpose-built student accommodation.


What locations would you recommend for students in Brighton?


Being in town is tempting because everyone wants to be near the fun, but you’ll get way more for your money in Bevendean and Coldean, and you might have a garden/drive/more peace at night-time.


What’s a common mistake most new students make when choosing accommodation?


Jumping on the first thing that comes up without looking at it and analysing it properly. And not thinking about all the costs – such as parking, bills and travel. Also not considering things like neighbours, road noise, what you need from a house, light, heating and internet speed.


Why would you recommend Rivers Birtwell to students looking for housing?


All our houses have been completely remodelled with young sharers in mind. Students want much more now – quality rooms, decent shared space, 100Mb internet. Have a look at our website and you’ll see that our accommodation is completely different to anything else on the market in this ‘middle’ price bracket. Our team responds immediately to problems too.


Why is Rivers Birtwell different to any other student housing?


We’re professional. We were students (not long ago). We live in Brighton. We love delivering really cool accommodation. We’re progressive and constantly improving design and service. Our website lists all our latest ideas.

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