5 starting steps to help you prepare for your degree

23 June, 2017

Summer Classes

Whether it’s dancing, singing or acting, if there’s something you feel you need to improve on, take it upon yourself to join some extra classes over the summer. You’ll be grateful for it when you start in September feeling extra prepped!


The ICTheatre Degree course is very active and you’ll be asking a lot of your body and mind each day. Getting into a regular routine of exercise can help greatly to prepare yourself. Find something you love doing that also fits around your routine, whether that’s a long walk or run, light yoga, dancing or sport.


Read up on the course curriculum and get to know what you’ll be studying. Build your musical theatre knowledge and discover plays you hadn’t heard of before. You’ll be thankful for it when you arrive in September with that extra knowledge!


Practice makes perfect! Keep singing, keep dancing, keep practicing those monologues. But don’t overdo it – just a little each day will keep you on the ball!


Get to know your class peers! You’ll be working closely together in class, in shows, and on group projects. Meet up over the summer or come along together to our workshops. We also have a private Facebook group for all our accepted 2019 ICTheatre TP’s so you can chat together, share tips and ask questions.

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