Lee Payne

Tap Dance Lecturer

After 7 years of training in the arts and entertainment industry, Lee started working with small rep companies within the swing and Lindy hop circuit. He then ventured onto music videos and stage performances for such artists as Enrique Inglesias, Gabrielle, Wyclef Jean, Brian Harvey, Steps, S-Club 7, The Honeyz, The Appleton Sisters and many more.

With this experience under his belt, Lee was asked to become a tutor in performing arts. He continued working professionally and took the opportunity to head across to stage productions, Singing in the Rain, Riverdance and Magic of the Dance then to work in film and creating and writing music. Staying in the creative field, Lee is now working to create new platforms within all areas in the arts with his own twist.

In the new multi-dimensional landscape of performing arts Lee’s skillset sits totally in line with the ICTheatre ethos of entrepreneurship.

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