Katie Stibbs

Head of Self Development

Katie will guide you through your journey at ICTheatre. She will offer our training professionals resources to keep them on track, and strategies to maintain mental wellbeing.

She will work with students to help them build a strong foundation through daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, alongside the guiding principle of Strategic Intervention which is a psychology aimed not only at solving problems, but strengthening and expanding a person’s capacity for happiness and for contributing to others.

"As Head of Personal Development; whether it be psychological, nutritional, or physical attention, I will be here to help facilitate your training goals. I have a team of people who are very much looking forward to meeting you on induction. Mitch, heading up nutrition, Alex and Adam who own the Fitness Hub, and Jamie our physio, who will all supporting you over the next 3 years. I am very excited to meet you all as we begin this journey together."

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