Outstanding performing arts lecturers

We’re proud of our diverse and highly skilled faculty at ICTheatre. As professional Dancers, Singers, Directors, Actors, Choreographers and Producers, our lecturers have all enjoyed busy careers across a range of industry roles.

Many still work professionally in the creative industries alongside their work at ICTheatre, bringing up-to-date insight to all their teaching, and have fantastic connections with many shining stars within the industry.

In this fast-paced and evolving landscape, we know it’s essential that we keep our finger on the pulse. Performing is our heartbeat and lifeblood, and every member of our faculty is motivated by their passion for the performing arts. There is no greater leader than one who has walked the path before you, and our team are dedicated to your success.


Want to meet our faculty members?

At our regular Open Days and Events, you get the chance to attend workshops with our lecturers, chat with current students and alumni, find out more about our courses and speak to us about how we can help you forge a successful career in the performing arts.

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