Hip Hop Artistry

The only degree route of its kind, Hip Hop Artistry is the most current and innovative course in the marketplace today. Focusing on elements of hip-hop culture and dance techniques, you will explore how this revolution is continuing to thrive globally and find your place within it.

With a strong emphasis on personal, professional and commercial development, you will become a multi-faceted entrepreneur; primarily focusing on your skills as a dance artist, but also taking full advantage of ICTheatre’s training in TV, music and film, plus top drawer digital and media skills.

In conjunction with world-renowned dance agencies,
this route is set to give you the springboard required to enter the creative industries as your own business at the highest level. The course includes:

  • Hip-hop, street, commercial and freestyle dance techniques
  • YouTubing, influencing and TV presenting skills
  • Hip-hop theatre and production projects
  • Artist development and hip-hop culture
  • Music, vocal and beat production
  • Studio and live performance technique

What to expect

This is an extraordinary pathway. The only one of its kind. There is so much work for the Hip-Hop and Commercial dancer. In theatre, on camera, across a range of multi-media platforms, for events, festivals, concerts. The list can go on. Your training will prepare you to perform in a number of contexts, with the skills and techniques required. But more than all this, this pathway takes you into the cultural and social heart of the art form.

It asks you to develop your own distinct identities as artists. It challenges you to strengthen your acting skills. It trains you in a range of mediums allowing you to be able to create your own work, promote yourselves, become an innovator. This is a unique pathway designed for unique performers.

The aim of this route is to equip graduates with the relevant skills to meet the increased demands of a diversifying and interconnected performing arts industry. Graduates will be proficient in a variety of Hip-Hop influenced disciplines, and will be knowledgeable of, and responsive to, the unique meeting point between cultural contexts and dance, spoken word, theatre, and vocal performance practices.

Furthermore, graduates will have a distinctive and highly contemporary sense of themselves in media-focused arenas, able to not only produce innovative, eclectic and socially aware work but also to promote it. Hip- Hop artistry also focuses on entrepreneurship, creative identity and individuality.

Hip Hop Artistry Open Evening, Manchester
Meet the Team, Part 1
Hip Hop Artistry Live ft. Jonzi D and Ron Elliston
Hip Hop and BBoy Workshop with JP Omari
Manchester Hip Hop Battle Event x Progression Session
Hip Hop Artistry, Industry Zoom Panel 2020


Hip Hop Artistry Patron

Ron Elliston – DJ and International Producer

As a Producer and globally recognised DJ, Ron’s credits include P Diddy, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

He has been a musician in various bands and toured the world, having had long-term record deals with both Virgin and Sony Music. He’s worked with many musicians, from Paul Weller to Bootsy Collins.

Ron is joining ICTheatre as Hip Hop Artistry Patron and will bring a valuable insight into the hip hop scene and culture. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has spanned an exciting and diverse career.

He is connected across the globe and is looking forward to being a key mentor to our students.

"Like the other Patrons here at ICTheatre, I will be hands-on to help give the opportunities and work placements to allow the experiences necessary to be industry-ready, whilst making sure the industry keeps heavily involved on a day to day basis. This will be the place where they will come to find our future leaders… and that is why I am so proud to be Patron of the Hip Hop Artistry Route.”
Ron Elliston, Hip Hop Artistry Patron


We believe that developing your industry connections is a key component to a successful career in the creative arts. ICTheatre offers a wide range of Masterclasses with performers and industry experts.

The likes of Dominic Keavey (TV Director), Layton Williams (West End Performer) and Natalie Weiss (Vocalist) have given our Training Professionals advice and career tips that you won’t find in any textbook.

Learn from the best in the industry

Your lecturers

Our expert lecturers will provide you with essential insider tips and exclusive knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s their role to help you step into the performing arts industry with confidence.

Meet your lecturers



Choose a course

Our courses are aimed at presenting the industry with individuals who are not only talented and professionally trained, but also well-equipped, both physically and mentally, to face the inevitable challenges they’ll encounter as they break into the business.

We offer both a Degree & Diploma Course to suit students at all levels.


Any questions?

For more information on our unique Hip Hop Artistry pathway or if you have any questions about how to apply to ICTheatre, please contact our Admissions Team on 01273 603 333 or email admissions@ictheatre.ac.uk.


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